How The Wine Club Works

How The Wine Club Works

The featured labels of The Wine Club will be selected by the gentlemen of Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina each Spring and Fall for Reds and Winter for Bubbles.

For the Reds Packages of The Wine Club the bottles should be expected to come from some of our favorite Italian producers. The selections are comprised of red wines only, primarily featuring the areas of Montalcino, Chianti and Piemonte. For the Bubbles Package you can expect only the best small production champenoise method sparkling wines from both Italy and France.

These wines are chosen to provide our clients with access to the limited production labels that often can be found only at the enoteca. Each shipment will be accompanied by a detailed list of the wines included, description of the winery, tasting notes and cellaring recommendations created by the owners themselves. These descriptions help to paint a picture of how these wines were born and what it is that makes them each so very, truly unique.

To suit your personal preferences with the Reds Packages you are able to select six, twelve, twenty four or forty eight bottles per shipment and to receive shipments Semi Annually in the Spring AND Fall or Annually in the Spring OR Fall. With the Bubbles Package we select six labels each Winter from which you can choose to receive one bottle of each of the six labels in the six bottle package, two of each in the twelve bottle package, four of each in the twenty four bottle package or six of each in the fourty eight bottle package.

Along with the wines of scheduled shipments we are proud to offer a 10% discount to members of The Wine Club for any additional customized shippings throughout the year.